Blue World Publications offers book publishing services to meet all your needs in bringing your writing to life.  From large projects to small, we will assist you in all aspects of development to ensure that you are completely satisfied and your project is at its best. 

  Find help in...
*Finishing your manuscript (or starting)
*Designing a book cover
*Creating a logo for your book or business
*Building/designing your own website
*Finding a Printer
*Creating an ebook
*Educating yourself in publishing
*Finding an editor
*Creating a timeline for publication
*Starting your own business
*Creating a business plan
*Taxes, registrations, permits, and all other un-fun requirements
*Finding what you can/can't do as well as what you should/shouldn't be doing
*Hand holding through all aspects of development both big and small

As an author and publisher, you deserve assistance from an experienced company with a variety resources that can help you on all levels.  It's not only important that your create an amazing book, but that you know what to do with it once it's printed and ready to be introduced to those who want to buy it.  Whether you are developing an ebook, paperback, hardcover, or a collection of photos for family and friends, we will help you.

Interested in services offered by Blue World Publications? We won't tell you what we will do or the limitations for your inquiry, you have to tell us! We can offer you mentorship throughout your development process or you can hire us for one specific task.  Anything and everything you want can happen.  Please email us with what you are looking for and a representative will get back to you. (